Monday 25 September 2023


by Prophetess BN Bondera

Eph.3.1 – I, Paul, am a prisoner of Christ Jesus because of my preaching to you Gentiles.

Paul, a man well known for persecuting Christians during his days of phareeisim. Because of his zeal to his religion, every Christian was afraid of him, by so doing he faught, broke and intended to nullify the message of the cross.

Therefore Jesus Christ found him guilty of a capital offence aganist christianity and the body of Jesus Christ. Thats why in the scripture above he (Paul) is admitting that he is a prisoner, this means the service he is giving to the kingdom of God is a matter of serving his jail term and sentence.

His punishment for fighting the church was to preach and do good for Christ at all costs. A condition that Christ was supposed to impose on us had He been a tyrant. But He gave us a choice to serve Him or not to. To love Him or not to. To sacrifice for Him or not to.

To Paul the heavens compressed his rights even to marry, so that he may be effectve in his service. But we are priviledged to marry as we serve Him. We have access to all fantasys as benefits of serving God. Yet at the end of the day these priviledges and fantasys stand as stumbling blocks to hamper our effectiveness in the kingdom of God.

To a certain extent God knows what would happen if you get that financial breakthrough. He knows the loss His kingdom will suffer once He opens a door for a car breakthrough. He knows you will close church, abandon your ministry or department if you win a jackpot lotto. Hence certain doors and priviledges are locked aganist you for the sake of your effectiveness in your serving to His kingdom. Remember HE knows you better than you know yourself.


Matt.6.24 – “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.



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