Wednesday 15 December 2021


By Prophet T.B Bondera

Num.25.14 – Now the name of the Israelite who was killed, who was killed with the Midianite woman, was Zimri the son of Salu, a leader of a father’s house among the Simeonites.

Num.25.15 – And the name of the Midianite woman who was killed was Cozbi the daughter of Zur; he was head of the people of a father’s house in Midian.

History books are full of names of people who did extraordinary things both negative or positive, evil or good that the world found worthy to remember them for. The same applies in the Word of God. If you read The Bible it is full of names of people and a narration of what they are known for.

We have women like Mary Magdalena, Joanna and Susanna who are remembered for their sacrifice in supporting the ministry of Jesus Christ through their own personal resources (Luke 8:1 – 3). Yet in The same Bible we have a man known as Zimri and a woman called Cozbi who we have read in today’s Scripture whose claim to fame is being killed by a spear whilst in the act of fornication. Probably in your family one child’s name is recorded at the local school as an exemplary student whilst the other’s is known at the local police station for all the wrong reasons.

Your name will one day be written somewhere for people to remember you long after you are gone. The most important thing is not only to be remembered. The most important thing is what your name will be written down for and where it will be written. What are you known for in the department you serve in in church? What will people remember you for in your family, community or the nation at large. Leave a legacy that others will glorify God for and offer their Thanksgiving Offerings to God for having brought someone like you into their lives.


👉🏿Luke.10.20 – Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”


Write my name in The Book of Life, oh LORD….!!!


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